… about his new cd Cables, about sonic worlds, about the Brexit, about the freedom of a solo concert, about …. Our motto is: If people talk about the things they love, they start to lighten up. This is the moment I want to capture.

And that really happened when I was allowed to talk to Bill Laurance. It was wonderful to listen to him and I got really curious during the interview. And we also were allowed to listen to his solo concert. It was fantastic! For me Keith Jarrett’s: The Köln Concert, is the one record that makes me fly and forget everything. Listening to Jean Luc Ponty live was the first time that ever happened to me during a concert. Listening to Bill Laurence was the second moment I had this incredible feeling.

Thank you Bill!!!! If you have seen the video you know why we all have to buy his new record, Cables!:) ….. Light: Thomas Adamek. Sound: Harry Bannöhr. Camera/edit: Henry Schulz. Interview Viktor Büttner. Thanks to the people of the Quasimodo Berlin who really supported us!