Tarja Turunen Interview Online


Die englische und damit unsere Version für das Internet ist fertig: Tarja Turunen im Gespräch. Lernt mit uns diese außergewöhnliche Frau kennen. Es lohnt sich!

People in the public eye are the object of our interest and our curiosity and thus of much speculation, many rumours, our affection or even our dislike. Only in the rarest of cases do we really know much about the person up there on the stage. What makes them tick, what are they really like? A long way from the artificial persona? Thanks to 60 minutes, I often have the good fortune to peek for a moment behind the scenes and discover a small part of the perfectly normal human being.
Tarja Turunen is an unbelievably warm-hearted and likeable person. In the pictures — the photos and the video — you can see how much pleasure the short conversation gave us all. Nobody, not even Tarja, wanted us to go, and we would have loved to go on talking. But the next appointment was waiting. Yet we still have a grin on our faces, and neither Leif, nor Bernd, nor I have washed the place on our cheeks where Tarja kissed us goodbye.

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