Ryan McGarvey visiting 60Minuten


Ryan McGarvey live in studio, this time: TV-Interview

Last Sunday, August 8th 2014, Ryan McGarvey payed us a visit in our studio here at Alex-TV Berlin, Germany. It was a dream coming true! I am a long time fan of his music and his virtuosity playing the guitar. Experiencing him and his music first hand and close up and personal was a very special day for me. We talked for ages in front of the microphone and Ryan played a couple of the most beautiful songs which of course we will be presenting to our audience – step by step. It was very special to experience Ryan and his guitar becoming one.

Ryan McGarvey live in Studio, this time: Radio-Interview

HMS AV Infinity17.8.2014 16:0:0

More fascinating than everything else: Ryan sitting face to face to me, playing his six string. I swear! It sounded like he was playing a twelve string! I had to check more than twice: He was really playing a six string. Ryan couldn’t explain this himself but instead replied „I have been told that several times now, but I can’t explain it.“

Ryan McGarvey live im Roadrunner’s Parardis, Berlin

This Teddybear which all our artists are holding into the camera smiling is soon going to be given away the lucky winner of a lottery in favour of the Björn-Schulz-Stiftung Berlin to support the childrens hospice „Sonnenhof“

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