Hammock [US] – Everything and Nothing

„…speaks to all those things in our lives that aren’t tangible, yet feel nearly within our grasp…“


„Your albums are wonderful. You know the secret…“

Jónsi, Sigur Rós

„…crystalline guitar tones and gently pulsating synths convey a sense of broadness and space…“

The Wire

„…expansive and dramatic ambient post-rock…the kind that would fit perfectly as a soundtrack to a film.“

Noisey / VICE


Hammock_Pressefoto_300_dpiEverything and Nothing, Hammock’s first LP since 2013, will be released April 1, 2016 on the band’s eponymous label, Hammock Music. Mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Jonsi), mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound and distributed by Redeye Worldwide, the album is both a callback to the band’s roots and an evolutionary step forward.

Oscillating between the dreamy and the rhythmic, Everything and Nothing takes listeners on an emotional journey of struggle, doubt and change, only to emerge safely on the other side. To record the album, the band traveled to a remote cabin in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, and the epic soundscapes created there evoke a trace of the same awe as the sublime vistas that inspired them. The result is pure magic: a manifestation of the notion that joy defeats darkness.

With this, their seventh LP, Hammock has crafted a milestone in the tradition of their finest work. Over the duration of the album’s sixteen tracks, several themes begin to materialize, but perhaps none more so than the level of honesty listeners have come to expect from the band. Everything and Nothing is about enduring life’s trials and tribulations, and letting hope be the beacon to guide you through it.


01 Turn Away And Return
02 Clarity
03 Glassy Blue
04 Dissonance
05 Marathon Boy
06 We Could Have Been Beautiful Again
07 Everything And Nothing
08 She Was In The Field Counting Stars
09 Burning Down The Fascination
10 Wasted We Stared At The Ceiling
11 Reverence
12 I Will Become The Ground You Walk On
13 We Were So Young
14 You Walk Around…Shining Like The Sun
15 Unspoken
16 Before You Float Away Into Nothing

Hammock Album-VÖ: 01.04.2016







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