Date(s) - 31.05.2015
    18:00 Uhr


    THE END MEN Garage Blues Duo aus New York City im Bassy Cowboy Club!


    The curtain rises, and THE END MEN appear, bringing dirty blues laden rock along for the show. With vocals dripping with coarse emotion, guitar riffs skillfully take your hand through a heavy percussive spectacle, all coming together into a beautiful sonic storytelling. The curtain closes leaving you breathless and screaming for more.

    The End Men were created in 2010 as a three piece, and have experienced a fluctuating lineup to this day. With a core composed of Matthew Hendershot (guitar and vocals) and Livia Ranalli (drums, percussion and vocals), the average listener would be surprised to find that the powerful sound The End Men project is only coming from two people. With the raw, rasp-soaked vocals and the guitar-split to give the illusion of a bass, along with the rock solid drum pocket peppered with found percussive elements, the band rides a wave of dirty blues rock and vaudevillian stomp.

    In 2011 they released their first album ‚Build it Up‘ and in 2013 they released their follow up ‚Play With Your Toys‘, releasing singles in the meantime, one of note was produced in Dubway Studios in Manhattan for the Songcraft Series. Their latest album, ‚Odds & Ends‘ was be released worldwide on April, 30th 2014. Matthew currently endorses and is supported by Lust For Tone hand-wound pickups, Commonwealth Amplification and Howling Monkey Handmade Guitar Picks. Livia endorses and is supported by Dream Cymbals and was profiled in the internationally distributed Tom Tom Magazine last year for her stellar drum chops. The End Men have played with a variety of acts ranging from jazz to metal, but the constant is the undeniable energy and showmanship they extrude with every live performance, no matter the venue or the bill. In late 2012, they joined a musical collective, Built4BBQ, a veritable commune of bands from Upstate NY and beyond working to get their music to the masses.

    The chemistry of the band continues outside of the studio as their live performances have also become an explosion of sound and fun. Comedic interludes offset the energetic musical onslaught as the two play anything within reach in an ever-evolving and seemingly barely-controlled musical chaos. Homemade instruments and found objects litter the stage all adding to the „who knows what may happen next“ vibe that often engages and always entertains their crowds. Don’t let the reckless abandon fool you however as just behind the facade sits talent and musical skill that has been decades in the making.


    31.05.2015 – Sonntag
    (Schönhauser Allee 176a)
    Einlaß 17:00 | Beginn 18:00
    Eintritt: 5€


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