China Moses – Nightintales

The first time I heard China’s music was in the German „Morgenmagazin“. Still tired I was having my first cup of tea and suddenly my feet began to move to the rhythm of China Moses‘ Running. That doesn’t happen very often! So I had to talk to China Moses! It took almost half a year but we finally made it!

Nightintales from China Moses became one of my favorite albums. I hope you’ll gonna have as much fun as we did, meeting China Moses!!!

Camera/edit: Henry Schulz, Light: Carmen Lenk, Interview: Viktor Buettner. Recorded at the Gibson Guitar Showroom Berlin. Thank you to Gibson Guitars Berlin, Hannes Christian Gerth, Imke Machura and Judith Kobus.

China Moses in concert by Henry Schulz

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Nightintales from China Moses released via MPS 2017

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