Blackberry Smoke, Berlin 2017.03.14

Columbia Theater Berlin

Opening: The Biters

Team: Henry, Marion und Viktor

Fotos: @Henry Schulz

Blackberry Smoke are in town. What a night! As you can see on these pictures Henry Schulz took we had fun during the interview and it worked out well.

If someone would ask me how I feel, what I think: It was a great interview, but next time we’ll meet let’s have a drink and talk about music or whatever. Then just go out and play your music. That’s all it needs for a fantastic evening! Thank you!

You missed BITERS (who opened up for BBS) and Blackberry Smoke in the Columbia Theater Berlin? Shame on you. The Biters were fun and according to my taste of music they played some really cool rhythms!

The guys from Blackberry Smoke were a blast. Totally cool they made us dance and cheer and applaud and yell and and and. They have developed and this time their concert struck me. No, all of us!

A last word: for an interview it’s always the five of you. Not easy for our cameras. You show us that you are a band. I love that! That’s what Blackberry Smoke is: a band! Everyone in this band is important!

Thanks for being so warm and friendly to us! A special „thank you“ to Scott who helped us a lot and made our photographer, Henry, happy!:)

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