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Die Black Crowes sind auferstanden. Die Form hat sich ein wenig geändert, aber der Kern der Musik, den ich so liebe, ist erhalten geblieben.  Wie auch in der am Ende des Textes eingefügten Biografie beschrieben, ist es auch für mich die Überleitung/Verwandlung der Black Crowes in Magpie Salute. In jedem Neuanfang steckt ein Stück Magie und genau das passt auf das vorliegende Album. Eine Magie, die mich gefangen nimmt.

Magpie Salute sind: Rich Robinson, Marc Ford, Sven Pipien, Joe Magistro, Nico Bereciartua, John Hogg (Hookah Brown, Moke), Charity White, Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen.

The Magpie Salute

die neugegründete Band um die Black Crowes Mitglieder Rich Robinson, Marc Ford und Sven Pipien veröffentlicht am 9. Juni ihr Debütalbum über Eagle Rock/Universal Music. Produziert hat der Black Crowes Mitbegründer und Gitarrist Rich Robinson selbst, das gesamte Album, mit Ausnahme des neuen Studiotracks ‘Omission’, wurde live im Studio vor einem kleinen Publikum im Applehead Recording Studio in Woodstock, New York aufgenommen.

Das Album enthält außerdem die letzten Studioaufnahmen des späten Black Crowes Keyboarders Eddie Harsch, der im November 2016 verstarb, dessen besonderer und warmer Sound unverkennbar in den Songs von The Magpie Salute zu hören ist.

Die Band nimmt sich ihre künstlerischen Freiheiten auf dem Debüt und zeigt die unterschiedlichen Einflüsse und Wurzeln der verschiedenen Musiker, die Hälfte der zehn Stücke überschreiten dabei die sieben Minutenmarke.

Die Black Crowes Songs ‘What Is Home’ und ‘Wiser Time’ werden entstaubt und Neuinterpretationen von ‘Comin’ Home’ (Delaney and Bonnie), ‘Goin’ Down South’ (Bobby Hutcherson) , ‘War Drums’ (War), ‘Fearless’ (Pink Floyd), ‘Glad and Sorry’ (The Faces), ‘Time Will Tell’ (Bob Marley, das sich auch auf dem zweiten Black Crowes Album befindet) und das Traditional ‘Ain’t No More Cane’ gibt es zu hören.

Im Juli gibt es The Magpie Salute dreimal live in Deutschland zu sehen.

11.07.2017 Frankfurt, Batschkapp

12.07.2017 München, Tollwood Festival

13.07.2017 Berlin, Huxleys

Bio (taken from The Magpie Salute Homepage)

From The Black Crowes to The Magpie Salute: The Art of Transcendence

THE MAGPIE SALUTE is an exciting new band that features musicians who have played together for decades throughout various projects and share a musical bond. The band brings Rich Robinson, the guitarist and co-founding member of The Black Crowes, together with two key members of Crowes fame – guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipien – alongside drummer Joe Magistro and guitarist Nico Bereciartua. The Magpie Salute also boasts a fine cast of vocalists, including lead singer John Hogg (Hookah Brown, Moke), former Crowes singer Charity White and background singers, Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen.

Embraced by music fans as soon as show dates were announced in October 2016, the band instantly sold out its first performance scheduled for January 19, 2017 at the Gramercy Theatre in New York. Driven by popular demand, three more dates were scheduled, each of which sold out within minutes! Responding to fan interest, Rich notes, “it’s been a better welcome than we could have hoped for. We are humbled by the outpouring of support. It feels powerful.”

Marc Ford underscored Rich’s comments, noting the fan’s enthusiasm about The Magpie Salute. “The fans seems to be very excited. I’m just starting to see how much this music means to people”. Building on this excitement, The Magpie Salute, will look past these shows for a possibility of more touring.

The Magpie Salute marks the reunion of the Robinson and Ford guitar team which ended back in 1997 when Ford left The Black Crowes. Reflecting on his past, Rich stated, “I feel Marc and I have a deep musical connection… As I get older, I realize what a gift it is to play with people with whom you share that language of music.” Reiterating Rich’s point about musical rapport, Marc added, “it’s one of those things that was there before we met. Musically, we were already family.”

Asked about The Magpie Salute’s artistic vision and musical approach, Rich stated, ” I, and everyone involved, love playing music. Not only on our own, in The Crowes and in my band, but playing music in general. We want to make music again together with a fresh perspective. To present this music I wrote in a different light with these amazing players is going to be really special to me.” To create this new sound, Rich and his ensemble have called upon their collective influences, from R&B, country and spirituals, to artists such as Sly Stone, Neil Young, and The Small Faces – a vast musical landscape which, at its core, is pure Rock n Roll. “It’s also deeper than that”, Rich goes on to say. “It’s freedom, it’s love, it’s loss, it’s pure joy. It’s misery, it’s simultaneously arrogance and vulnerability. It is life.”

…. more on http://themagpiesalute.com/about


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