SUPERSEED, Neues Video – ‚Turn The Screw‘


VÖ: 08. Februar 2019 via

Quelle Video/ Foto/ Pressetext: Gordeon Music

Die aus Bristol stammende Band SUPERSEED veröffentlichen ihr zweites offizielles Video zur Single Turn The Screw. Der Song ist von ihrem selbstbetitelten Album.

Das Erstlingswerk von SUPERSEED wird als Digipak, orangenes Gatefold Doppel-Vinyl (limitiert auf 300 Stück) und digital erscheinen.

Das Video kommentiert Regisseurin Katy selbst: “Having worked with the guys on the ‘My Time Is Now’ video I was really excited to get started on this one but I knew time was incredibly tight so I had to work smart. ‘Turn The Screw’ struck me as something of a fight song for Superseed. It had this real feeling of grit and determination; so paying homage to a favorite rock song of mine which has a similar feel, I set about creating this punchy, mind warping, kaleidoscopic look.

To actually shoot it was really quick, probably an hour in total once the lighting was all set. The magic really started in the edit with layers and layers of color blocking, blended with the band playing. It became a literal collage, stealing colors from the album artwork and grainy black and white from the first video. I wanted it to be like a visual assault to match the aggression of the song.”

Track List:
1. My Time Is Now
2. Static
3. Heavy Times
4. Uneasy Swarm
5. Interference
6. Someone Broke It
7. The Face That Followed You Back Home
8. Quicksand
9. Turn The Screw
10. Country Mile
11. This Is The Way To Go
12. You Failed!
13. Messenger
14. Already Done
15. No One’s Getting Out Of Here Alive
16. Let Yourself Go

Superseed sind:
David Edgar – Guitar/Vocals
Dan Armson – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Taylor – Guitar/Vocals
Keith Bowers – Bass
Matt Colley – Drums