Shannon Callahan – Nectar


Review by Holly

Wow what a beautiful collection of songs this cd has to offer. From start to finish you will be taken on a journey of love, and all the feelings love can invoke. Coupled with Shannon‘ perfect angelic voice and her witty lyrics your spirit is sure to soar.

Shannon has quite the musical backing to promise a great career in music. She views her music as a part of who she is and not just something she likes to do. Shannon is the daughter of Mat Callahan an activist song writer from the San Francisco era of the 70’s. He also performs on this cd with her. Her colorful history and background set the stage for a brilliant career and a unique view of life, which in my opinion will elude to years of fun, enlightened and different music.

My favorite songs include: Rosalee– a fun little bluesy tune about a woman singing to her daughter and justifying why she went mad from a heartbreak. Any woman that loves the Dixie Chicks „Goodbye Earl“ will sure to love this little tune.  All I Want– A hauntingly beautiful letter to her lost love. Her voice on this track is flawless. Every person that has longed for a lover will relate to this song. Cover Me– A sweet song about 2 lovers beginning life together. A fun and light realistic song about young love and dedication.

Over all this cd has no bad song on it and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys music about love and life. I found each song full of feeling, and lyrical perfection. I will enjoy this cd for many years and look forward to many more from Ms. Shannon.

Holly Verhalen resides in Ocala, Florida. She is an internet Dj, mother of 4, and has an extensive family background in music.