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ryan_keen_intv_106aRyan Keen, Embassy of Sound and Media , Berlin. We had joy we had fun, we had..one hour with Ryan Keen. Ampya invited us to the Ampya Roomservices at the Nhow-Hotel Berlin. An evening with Ryan Keen. We didn’t know much about Ryan before the interview. We were prepared, we listened to his music, we read his biography, we watched his videos and his interviews. Meeting him we became fans of Ryan and his music.First it was an interesting moment, because they all were surprised about our stubborness: no, we have to sit here and we have to use this light. If you see the pictures you know why:))) It was fun, really fun and fascinating to listen to Ryan playing alive, just in front of us. We will broadcast the interview in may, just in time for his German tour. Thanks to Arndt Kielstropp, Ryan Keen, Sara and Arndt from „embassyofmusic.de“. Photos Carmen Lenk – Photography, light and video: Stephan Schmidt.

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