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Interview with Sonny Landreth, October 20th, Frannz-Club, Berlin



Sonny LandrethBerlin, October 20th 2015. The first time I’ve ever seen Sonny Landreth live and Wow! What a concert! Not the usual suspects for a blues concert, but we all had a real lot of fun. A great show, a fantastic Sonny Landreth with a great rhythym section. If you’ve got the opportunity to watch and listen to Sonny Landreth go and dance to his music.

We talked to Sonny right after his show and we didn’t seem to have much time. So I hurried up and talked very fast. Looking back it was way to fast and we had almost 20minutes with Sonny Landreth. Here is our podcast. Enjoy!


Sonny Landreth English Podcast


Homepage Sonny Landreth

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