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The word before…. This tuesday, April 3rd 2018, Linda will introduce Peter Karp with three songs in her radio-show: Two Times 60minutes. When? April 3rd 2018, 20.00 h to 22.00 h German time / 1pm to 3pm cst. Where? KCOR „Chat And Listen“ or via Winamp. – Viktor,

Peter Karp Live

Peter Karp, Soest, Alter Schlachthof 2018/03/29. „That boy will never be nothing ‚til his dying day“ – a line of Peter Karps song rolling on a log.

Meanwhile that boy is a great musician, well known in the blues world. I had the pleasure to see him live in Soest and enjoyed really every second. Peter Karp, Sebastian Stolz (bass), Armin Heislitz (drums) lived the music on stage. Whether Peter played guitar or piano – it was fantastic (i have to admit that i prefer him playing his National – i love the sound of this guitar).

Not to forget Peters delightful sense of humor. He is also a great entertainer. I’m still smiling when I remember the performance of „air, fuel and fire“.
Overall it was a wonderful evening filled with great music, superb lyrics and fun. Thank you so much Peter, Sebastian and Armin. -Linda,

2018.03.13 Peter Karp, Meisenfrei Blues Club, Photos by Markus Hagner, Text by Gerlinde Lang

Peter Karp has his own style of music. Blues played by a songwriter I would discribe it. Calm, easy going and worth listening to. I just got to know Peter Karp and his music and I like it. His latest cd: Blue Flame ( -Viktor,

Peter Karp – dobro; e.piano
Thea Florea – Drums
Sebastian Stolz – Bass

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