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Mark KantPaul Hanmer is a South African pianist. We met him in Berlin, at Steinway’s.
Impossible to talk to Paul without a grand piano. I used the word pianist but Paul is not just a pianist, he is a great artist, a gentle and humble person who lives for his music, lives his music and who believes. Believes in love, peace and Nelson Mandela. The philosophy of Nelson Mandela, Ubuntu, and the Caravan Tribute to Mandela Ubuntu were an important part of our interview. I learned a lot! And …we were aloud to listen to Paul’s music. More about Caravan Tribute to Mandela Ubuntu, Paul Hanmer and Louis-Jean Irie Rainbow in June, when we will broadcast the interview. Thank you Paul and Jean-Louis for this fantastic moments. With: Mark Kant (photos,light), Stephan Schmidt (video), Moritz Bati (sound), Kordula Ullmann (makeup). All Photos Mark Kant,

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