Paul Hanmer im Gespräch.

Paul Hanmer

Berlin, 04.02.2014, Lützowufer, Steinway & Sons.
Bericht: Viktor Büttner, Foto: Moritz Hägner

Paul Hanmer ist nicht nur ein fantastischer Jazzpianist sondern auch in seiner Heimat, Südafrika, ein äußerst be- und anerkannter Künstler. So bekannt, dass er auch in Peter Gabriels „WOMAD.ORG“ vermerkt ist:

1977517_649167711786985_1781878559_o2001:Born in 1961, Paul Hanmer got his musical career off to an early start, beginning classical piano and theory lessons in the early 1970’s. He pursued a B.Mus. degree at the University of Cape Town, but took a leave of absence to work with guitarist Paul Peterson. He hasn’t looked back since.In 1987 Hanmer moved up to Johannesburg where he developed his musical talents in cabaret, musicals and theatre productions. The move exposed him to a variety of musical styles and it was here that he formed the hugely successful group Unofficial Language. Together with Ian Herman (drummer/percussionist for Tananas) and Pete Sklair, they recorded the successful album Primal Scream in 1994.Hanmer’s work is characterised by his love of collaboration with other artists, and has produced hit singles like Trains to Taung, which was nominated for three FNB awards and continues to sell in considerable numbers nation-wide.Hanmer is known for his jazz improvisations and classic interpretations, which he writes composes and arranges himself. Known to Jazz lovers everywhere, his music is always eagerly anticipated and widely appreciated. Quelle: Peter Gabriels

Wir hatten das Glück, drei Stunden mit Paul Hanmer und einem Steinway-Flügel verbringen zu dürfen. Unser Gespräch hatte dabei zwei Schwerpunkte: Paul Hanmers Musik und Nelson Mandela, vielmehr die Philosophie, die Nelson Mandela verfolgte: Ubuntu. Wegen „Ubuntu“ war Paul in Deutschland. Wegen „Ubuntu“ lernte ich erst seine Musik und dann Paul Hanmer selbst kennen.
Was ist Ubuntu? Paul erklärt es uns, zuerst in Worten und dann auch musikalisch: