Es darf gerockt werden mit der fünfköpfigen Besetzung in bester britischer Tradition und einer catchy Ode an Tokyo.

Das Classic Rock Magazin feiert die Premiere des brandneuen Videos.

29.04. MASSIVE WAGONS – „Welcome To The World“ (Off Yer Rocka/Cargo)



On revved up anthem Tokyo the fighting spirit at the very heart of Massive Wagons shines through. ‘You won’t play us on the radio’ blasts frontman Baz Mills. But this time we just might.`Because on brand new record Welcome To The World, Massive Wagons carry all the passion, power and party attitude missing in the slow lane of British rock. It’s the sound of a band accelerating towards stardom and overtaking the opposition. Guitarist Adam Thistlethwaite revealed: “Our sound has always drawn on many different influences from classic rock to AOR to heavy blues and prog. “Those influences are deliberately more polarised from track to track on this album. We love to be able to morph from highly accessible rock to deeper cuts. “The result is something a lot more diverse yet a lot more ‘us’. We had a much heavier hand in the production beyond just the performance. “I think we’ve achieved what we set out to do.” Listen to Ratio – where Massive Wagons promise to ‘go to a place where the beer is cheap, the craic is good and jukebox is free’ – and you’ll want to jump aboard and party hard. Load up Shit Sweat Death and it’s as if Vince Neil is fronting Nashville Pussy. On the uplifting set closer Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum fans will lap up the giant-sized hooks that put the ‘massive’ into Massive Wagons. In fact the band’s new album is rock and roll road trip referencing everyone from AC/DC to Black Stone Cherry, Green Day to Iron Maiden. And with Welcome To The World the Wagons are surely well on the road to long-term success. After signing to Off Yer Rocka Reordings in 2014, Massive Wagons released the critically acclaimed Fight The System – the record that persuaded label bosses no MOT was required. “I loved their songs from day one and didn’t want to change a thing about them,” said Off Yer Rocka CEO John Davies. “They already have a huge reputation as hard-gigging live band but Welcome To The World will confirm Massive Wagons as serious songwriters. “People won’t believe this is the sound of five guys from North West England. This is music made for North American arenas.” Massive Wagons hit the road with label mates Trucker Diablo, Screaming Eagles, Skam, Chase The Ace and Thirteen Stars this spring.

Pressestimmen zum Vorgänger Album MASSIVE WAGONS – „Fight The System“:
Legacy 11/15: „Zugreifen kann man beinahe blind, weil die ausgewogene Mischung letzten Endes doch eine Menge Spaß macht.“

Metal Hammer 5/7: „Drei absolute Hits, jede Menge völlig in Ordnung gehende Songs…klare Kaufempfehlung in der Rock-Riege.“

Landeszeitung Lüneburg: „Was die Jungs abliefern, ist unterm Strich vor allem dank des Songwritings und der Spielfreude überm Strich.“ 11/15: „Vielleicht kann die Band ja das Erbe der verblichenen GLUECIFER antreten, die den Rock’n’Roll Thron auf der Insel ja verwaist zurückgelassen haben.“ 6/7: „Ein Leckerbissen für alle Altrocker oder auch Fans von Bands wie WOLFMOTHER & Co.“






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