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In love with Lynne Arriales music

Through my work I am always able to get to know new artists and their music and thereby discover beautiful things. Lynne Arriale is THE example. I didn’t know Lynne and her music until now. Already the first notes from Lynne Arriale’s last album, Give Us These Days, made me curious. When Lynne answered our questions in front of the camera, her love for music, her liveliness and her energy were clearly felt. In the meantime I have heard the titles of the CD „up and down“ several times and am thrilled by their compositions. Lynne’s charisma led to a CD presentation for the first time as I imagined it. I hope you will be infected with it!! The editors: Viktor

Tour dates Germany (without guarantee):

May 23, 2019 – A-Trane, Berlin
May 24, 2019 – The Jazzkeller, Esslingen, Germany
May 25, 2019 – Birdland, Neuburg, Germany


Verliebt in Lynne Arriales Musik

Photocredits: R. Andrew Lepley

Immer wieder darf ich durch meine Arbeit neue Künstler und ihre Musik kennen lernen und dadurch Wunderschönes entdecken. Lynne Arriale ist dafür DAS Beispiel. Ich kannte Lynne und ihre Musik bisher nicht. Schon die ersten Töne aus Lynne Arriales letztem Album, Give Us These Days, machten mich neugierig. Als Lynne unsere Fragen vor der Kamera beantwortete, waren ihre Liebe zur Musik, ihre Lebendigkeit und ihre Energie deutlich zu spüren. Inzwischen habe ich die Titel der CD mehrfach „rauf und runter“ gehört und bin begeistert von ihren Kompositionen. Durch Lynnes Ausstrahlung entstand so das erste Mal eine CD-Präsentation, wie ich sie mir  vorsstelle. Ich hoffe, ihr lasst euch damit anstecken!!! Die Redaktion: Viktor


Quelle Fotos und Musik: Martina Weinmar, Homepage Challenge Records Photocredits: R. Andrew Lepley, Merlijn Doomernik

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Lynne Arriale Trio – Give Us These Days

01: Woodstock
02: Appassionata
03: Finding Home
04: Give Us These Days
05: Slightly off Center
06: Another Sky
07: Let It Be
08: Over and Out
09: Take It with Me



From The Homepage Challenge Records:

………Lynne’s fellow presenters are both from the Netherlands; double bassist and co-producer, Jasper Somsen and drummer Jasper van Hulten. Jasper Somsen known for his signature sound, feel and lyricism. Jasper van Hulten brings propulsive energy to the group, focused by his sensitivity to the subtleties and conventions of trio drumming.

The last word in this remarkable musical discourse is given over to Kathleen Brennan and Tom Waits’ Take It With Me, a delicate and winsome farewell lovingly sung by vocalist Kate McGarry. The masterful duet by Kate and Lynne perfectly conveys the song’s message of humility and gratitude; a most fitting end to this memorable production, and to life itself.
Lawrence Abrams

Photocredits: Merlijn Doomernik

She remains a force of nature.
All About Jazz

Transcendent…arguably her most potent release yet.
Jazz Police

Her 14th album…brilliant….
Bayerische Rundfunk

Lynne Arriale’s brilliant musicianship and bandstand instincts place her among the top jazz pianists of the day.
New York Times


Tourtermine Deutschland (ohne Gewähr):

May 23, 2019 • A-Trane, Berlin
May 24, 2019 • The Jazzkeller, Esslingen, Germany
May 25, 2019 • Birdland, Neuburg, Germany