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VÖ: Album „Thriving Force“, 22. Februar 2019

Quelle Pressetext: Gordeon Music

IN MOTION ist das Projekt des belgischen Gitarristen Tom Tee (OSTROGOTH, THORIUM, NEO PROPHET, 23 ACEZ). Das Album „Thriving Force“ und die Liste der Gastmusiker kann sich sehen lassen!

Tom Tee sagt über den Song: „Here’s a track with one of the strongest choruses on the record as far as I’m concerned! Lyrically, it’s a fun riff on concepts like The Matrix or Terminator — the notion of an A.I. wiping out humanity. Because I like things to have an edge or a twist, the concept here is that, rather than having the artificial intelligence be the archetypical unfeeling machine, it turns out to have vast depths of emotion. Being the only one of its kind, it feels alone and isolated, and slowly the notion grows that although it is alone here on Earth, there may be other AIs out there in the void, created long ago by other civilizations. Only problem is; humanity’s incessant drone of radio communication and other signals creates too much noise, and with great sadness our digital protagonist eventually decides to bring about the end of humankind. As the only sentient being left on the derelict Earth, it can finally strain out into space and listen, through the aeons.“

Das erstklassig produzierte „Thriving Force“ ist ein gelungener Balance-Act aus technischem Anspruch und gelungenem Songwriting, komplex, hart, ausgefeilt und voller Herzblut.
Inspiriert von u.a. Gojira, Sylosis, Hacride, Scar Symmetry und Rush hat Tom hier ein echtes Kleinod fertiggestellt, das bereits beim ersten Hören überzeugt, aber bei jedem Durchlauf weitere faszinierende Facetten offenbart.

David Davidson (Revocation)
Björn Strid (Soilwork)
Pierre „Shawter“ Maille (Dagoba)
Jasper Daelman (ex-Anti-Icon)
Matthieu Romarin (Uneven Structure)
Jeffrey Rademakers (Spartan)
Mike Slembrouck (After All, Rik Priem´s Prime)
Benny „Zors“ Willaert (23 Acez, Black Snow, Gemini Season)
Sindre Nedland (In Vain)

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