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“Come on!, the man uses a thousand musical instruments, his songs are just awesome!”
Surf Locus

hero_04-frankie_chavez_tavira_2012-19_abgeschnittenHe is considered to be THE blues- and psychedelic-folk-revelation of Southern Europe and counts as one of the most promising talents of the newer Portuguese musicscene.

With his videos, commissionary works and numerous concerts he gained a great reputation not only in the blues scene but also in the home and international surf- and skateboard scene.

In 2009 right in the beginning of his musical career he was accorded the honour to write the official title song of the RIP CURL PRO SEARCH in Peniche. His song “The Search” enthused the surf community that much that he was commissioned to compose and coproduce the soundtrack of Hawaiian surf legend Garrett McNamara’s 2011 film “The North Canyon Show”.

At the end of July 2013 he opened for BETH HART at the Bonner Kunst!rasen festival where the exceptional guitarist showed the audience his abilities not only on the acoustig but also on the traditional Portuguese, the slide and the lap steel guitar.

On his debut he switches between down to earth blues, indie rock à la Black Keys and the sensual play of Ry Cooder but also influences from Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Kelly Joe Phelps are to be noted.

Equipped with some precussion and sampling himself his concerts create a unique sound experience between blues, rock and folk with some hints of psychedelics.



06.06.2015 – CH-ZÜRICH – New Blues Festival
07.06.2015 – WAWERN – Synagoge
08.06.2015 – MUNICH – Milla
09.06.2015 – JENA – Café Wagner
10.06.2015 – HAMBURG – Grüner Jäger
11.06.2015 – BERLIN –  FluxBau



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