Von DOPE STARS INC. gibt es ein neues Schmankerl: die Jungs um Victor Love haben den Michael Jackson-Klassiker „Billy Jean“ im Band-typischen Sound gecovert.

DSI Billy JeanWe have to admit that whenever we are sent a cover track, the first thing that goes through our minds is, “Ok, this is either going to be an entirely new spin to an old classic, just mediocre…or it’s going to SUCK! When it’s a Michael Jackson cover, the fear factor goes up by 100.

So you cannot imagine the relief we felt to hear the badass new cover of “Billie Jean” by DOPE STARS INC.! It’s a harder, faster and far more emphatic version than the original, dishing up some blazing guitar riffs, deep bass cuts, teeth-loosening drums and the beautiful, sexy-ballsy vocals by Victor Love. We believe even MJ himself would approve of this version.

After you listen to this, we think you’ll agree that the kid most definitely does not belong to DOPE STARS INC, but they have undeniably earned the right to say “Who’s your daddy?” with this fantastic version of a classic remake!

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