Fuzzorama, home of Truckfighters and many more nice bands, is also
DEVILLE’s new home and will release their fourth studio album,
titled „Make It Belong To Us“ due to be released 13:th of November.
To celebrate that the band will embark on a support tour for Mustasch in October in Germany.
When it all came together in 2004 Deville was born after some years of searching. Through a haze of rock, metal and stoner the members have found a way to do something that feels…

Deville_CoverThe line-up was complete when Åkesson came back from Australia and Hambitzer gave up soulless pop and joined the inseparable duo, Andy and Markus. Since the 2004 line-up there have been nearly 300 gigs and festivals in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, UK and in the USA.

Daredevilrecords released at the end of 2005 a double feature cd lp with Deville and gothenburgers Sergej the Freak called “Sergej the Freak meets Deville”.

Deville signed to Buzzville Records in 2007 and the first full length album with material recorded during the period -06 and -07 “Come Heavy Sleep” was released in Benelux, december 2007 and in the rest of Europe and the US in the beginning of 2008. “Hail the Black Sky” followed in June 2009 again through Buzzville in Europe and in the US and the touring in Europe continued.

During 2011 and 2012 the latest album “Hydra” was created and Jan Persson joined the forces on guitar when Martin left after recording the album.This new album is the most intense and elborate so far and received great reviews. In march 2013 “Hydra” was released on Small Stone Records. During the summer Andreas Wulkan (Death Ray Boot etc.) replaced Janne on lead guitar.

The album debut on Fuzzorama records will be heavier, darker and more progressive than before and you will be absolutely amazed by the mix of dark hooks and melodic fuzz that will blast from your speakers.


10.10 Antwerp – Desertfest, BEL
16.10 Essen – Turock, DE W./MUSTASCH
17.10 Leipzig – Hellraiser, DE W./MUSTASCH
18.10 Berlin – Magnet, DE W./MUSTASCH
19.10 Hamburg – Knust, DE W./MUSTASCH
20.10 Köln – Underground, DE W./MUSTASCH
21.10 Pratteln – MiniZ7, CH W./MUSTASCH
22.10 München – Backstage, DE W./MUSTASCH
23.10 Coburg – Bei Adam, Germany
24.10 Leeuwarden – Popcentrum Neushoorn, NL


TITLE:Make it belong to us
RELEASE DATE:13:th of November
FORMAT:CD / LP / Digital Download
LABEL:Fuzzorama Records



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