Cee Cee James – Blood Red Blues


Cee Cee James – Blood Red Blues (FWG Records July 2012)

For the great artists, the blues are a hot scorching flame within that drives their lives as well as their music.  They don’t just sing it….they live it.  And in the reflected glow of their passion, we, as listeners from the comfort of our easy chair or car seat, make a judgment about them and their music. Can you just imagine for a moment how heart wrenching that is for the artist themselves? They lay it all out there (both financially and emotionally) and await our thumbs up or thumbs down decision!  On her fourth CD, Blood Red Blues, Cee Cee gives us all she’s got and…………….it’s a great album!

From the title cut, Blood Red Blues,  where her raw and sultry voice belts out how deep the blues are ingrained within her to the final song, I’m Takin’ Mine, that defiantly challenges anyone or anything that stands in the way of her “dues paid” vision, she fans the music flame to its hottest and brightest blue. The tune, Let’s All Get Loose, is just simply a HOT upbeat rockin’ blues tune! “Let’s strip it down close to the bone…let’s take it off….jump in the river…let’s all get loose”….damn Cee Cee …just tell me which river..if you’re there..I’m In!  Walk On is another great upbeat tune and I Have a Right to Sing the Blues is a raw evidence of what she has overcome in her life. 100 Ways to Make Love is a sexy tune best accompanied by wine and whispers.  Cee Cee is also a gifted songwriter and Wounds is a beautiful song with thoughtful lyrics addressing the emotional pain and scars that we all bear.

The blues are about desire, honesty, aching, and poignancy and Cee Cee hits every note on this great album. I found the CD to be entertaining and uplifting. She has battled through severe ups and downs in her life and she has prevailed.  Blood Red Blues is a testimony to her talent and persistence and worthy of some of your hard earned money!

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Vocals – Cee Cee James

Rhythym/Slide guitar – Rob „Slideboy“ Andrews  

Bass – Slim Lewis 

Lead guitar – John Higgerson